Why The Armory Has Value

The Armory is far more valuable to Sheboygan than any new development will be. Here's why:


Sheboygan currently lacks a community events center. Community events centers are the cornerstone of strong communities. Strong communities are happier, and healthier. This translates to lower crime, lower emergency services costs, higher productivity and earning, and more spending. All of this is great for the local economy.

Employee Attraction & Retention

Employers in cities that have unique offerings and a high quality of life have an easier time attracting and retaining talented employees.


The Armory is on both the State and Federal register of Historic places. It is an important part of our community's identity. Unique assets like the Armory help set us apart from other similar cities making it easier to attract new business, tourism dollars, and talented employees.

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Community Canvassing

Would you like to help save Sheboygan’s Historic Armory? Join us Saturday, April 13 in canvassing our community to spread the word that there is an ongoing organized effort to save Sheboygan’s historic Municipal Auditorium Read more…

Project Update

The Armory Community Project, Inc. board members have been working very hard since Sheboygan’s Common Council has approved our plan on April 16, 2018. Following are the key successes we have achieved as we push Read more…

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