Proposed Programming

Armory Community Project

This guide was designed to showcase the types of events we plan to host in Sheboygan’s Armory to support our mission. It also shows how we will utilize the events space to ensure the Armory is a self-sustaining operation.

In order to reduce potential duplication and/or over saturation of program offerings and identify potential needs in the market The Armory Community Project has researched program offerings at other facilities. It is our goal to offer services, events, and amenities that supplement, and complement those already available through other venues and organizations rather than compete with them.

As our events grow and based upon budgetary needs it is our goal to offer hosting partnerships with other local organizations to assist them in their fund raising goals. These partnerships will allow us to further support the growth of the Sheboygan community.

The estimated expenses and projected revenues are based on researching the proposed events and the best information available regarding the market area and similar events. While we are confident in our research, there can be no guarantee that the estimates and projections will be met, as there are many variables that cannot be accurately determined during this conceptual planning stage and are subject to change during the actual design and implementation process.

Community programs and special events create opportunities for neighbors to meet, visit, have fun and work together on a common activity.

Proposed Schedule


Estimated Admission: $7 | Estimated Attendance: 1,500

A one day event of blues, brews, and bites. Great blues artists entertain you while local restarants and food vendors offer a sampling of their finest fare.

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Estimated Admission: FREE | Estimated Attendance: 500

Bring the whole family to watch free indoor family friendly movies on the big screen at the Armory! Sit on bleachers, or bring chairs or blankets and kick back for an evening of fun at the movies!

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Estimated Admission: $25-$50 | Estimated Attendance: 2,000

No need to drive an hour or more to see great live music, we’re going to bring nationally recognized acts to Sheboygan!

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Estimated Admission: $6 | Estimated Attendance: 1,500

18 holes, each designed by a local business or team. The designs are visually stunning innovative and fun for players of all ages. Holes are installed indoors and open to play for one week. The community is invited to play the course and vote on their favorites.

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Estimated Admission: $30 | Estimated Attendance: 500

A weekend featuring retro and modern home video game consoles, pinball machines, arcade video games, computers, table top gaming and providing an opportunity for gamers to meet others who share their passion. Whether you are interested in video games, eSports, tabletop games, or play testing new creations, SheboyGame-Con has something for everyone!

Casual play, LAN, social networking opportunities, and competitive tournaments will be hosted throughout the weekend.

We have interest from local retailers, a table-top gaming studio, local gaming groups, and coin-op vendors to participate in this event.

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Estimated Admission: $150 | Estimated Attendance: 150

Two local “celebrity” chefs and their team square off to showcase their culinary skills at this annual dinner. We will present them with ingredients that must be used to create an appetizer, a small plate main course, and dessert.

Best of all, you’re the judge!! That’s right, as a guest for the night, sample ALL the amazing food, and cast a vote on the dish that delighted your taste buds the most.

Along with our amazing food, we will also have live music performed by a great local musician and a DJ for an after dinner dance party!

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Estimated Admission: $20 | Estimated Attendance: 1,200

Promoter planned professional wrestling event. Watch regional professional wrestlers brawl in the ring at Sheboygan’s Armory.

We have discussed this with a local promoter who is interested in hosting these events.

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Estimated Admission: $5 | Estimated Attendance: 2,500

This sausage championship is an event in which top butchers from around the state are invited to attend and compete in two categories: traditional and creative bratwursts. In the creative category, exotic ingredients are added to the meat to concoct the sausage specialties. A panel of independent judges sample products in a “blind tasting.” They fill out judging forms and rate the products according to eye appeal, aroma, and flavor. The forms are later totaled and compiled by our staff and winners are announced. Visitors enjoy the various brats and are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite for a “Fan Favorite” award.

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Estimated Admission: $10 | Estimated Attendance: 1,500

Local area bands face off in this one day musical extravaganza to win recording time at a local studio. Attendees enjoy food and beverage and get to vote for their favorite bands!

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Estimated Admission: $50 | Estimated Attendance: 200

Food, fun, and murder, of course! The perfect night out with a dinner and two hours of killer entertainment you won’t find anywhere else. Everyone has done dinner and a movie, but why not enjoy some live entertainment right at your table while you dig into a delicious meal?

Even better, you get to be part of the show! Instead of sitting and staring at a big screen, you get to be part of the plot, finding clues, and unmasking a murderer just in time for dessert!

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Estimated Admission: Free for attendees | Estimated Attendance: 1,500

Makers, designers, and craftspeople come together to share handmade and local goods with the community. Wisconsin has a wealth or talented people that can come together once or twice a year to share their passion and gift with the people of Sheboygan and surrounding areas. Our fairs have the potential to draw people from hours away so they can have their pick of a sea of artisan goods.

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Participant Event Entry Fee: $10 | Estimated Attendance: 200

Cornhole players face off in singles and doubles, double elimination, tournament brackets.

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Estimated Admission: $5 | Estimated Attendance: 2,000

In partnership with either local a local dance company or local high school dance team we will host an annual dance competition for dance teams. Teams from around the state, region, or potentially nation will be invited to participate in this competition. This event will be a benefit to support both the ongoing success of the Armory and their partner co-host dance team.

Not only will this event support great community organizations, it is also common for traveling teams to stay in local hotels which will bring extra money into community hotels and restaurants.

We have discussed this with Sheboygan North High Dance coach and owner of Dollhouse Dance Factory, Kayla Pittner, who has expressed interest in partnering with us for this event.

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Estimated Admission: $10 | Estimated Attendance: 1,200

Dance for all high school or middle school (separate events) students in Sheboygan county. School ID required for entry. Third party security will be hired for events.

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Participant Entry Fee: $20 | Estimated Attendance: 200

16 Co-ed adult dodgeball teams (6) face off in a double elimination tournament bracket.

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Estimated Admission: $10 | Estimated Attendance: 2,500

This annual event will bring back all of the spirit of the North South games of yesteryear while maintaining the use of the respective school’s state of the art field house for officially sanctioned games.

Former members of the Sheboygan North and South varsity mens basketball team will be invited to play in an annual alumni game. That game will be immediately followed by a pre-season scrimmage of the varsity mens basketball teams.

All income generated from the event will be split evenly between the two team’s booster clubs and the Armory Community Project to support ongoing programming.

We have discussed this with one of the varsity Men's coaches whom expressed interest in the event.

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Estimated Admission: $5 | Estimated Attendance: 4,000

Festival of Trees & Music will transform the Armory into a wonderland replete with thousands of lights, sparkling trees and stunning décor for a two day event. This music and art festival will feature trees decorated by professional artists and local organizations and performances showcasing local musicians. Custom-decorated Christmas trees will be auctioned during the festival in support of the Armory community project’s programs. They will be available just in time for the holiday season.

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Estimated Admission: $50 | Estimated Attendance: 200

A party experience like nothing you’ve had before. Two DJ’s Red (80’s 90’s 2000’s) and Blue (Top 40, & Hip Hop), spin the best music while you sing and dance along.

As you flip from one channel to the other on your headphones, they change colors from green to red or blue. This turns the event into a silent disco, full of people singing and dancing. Meanwhile a DJ competition rages to get you to listen to their respective color!

Appetizers are provided and each guest gets one drink of choice with admission. At midnight balloons, some filled with gift certificates and other prizes provided by local businesses, drop from above and champaign is served.

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Estimated Admission (Adults Free): $8 | Estimated Attendance: 100 Children per event

Your kids will have a blast playing during our indoor bounce nights! We will feature massive, themed inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses kids love, toddler activities and more. Don't let the weather keep your kids in the house, come and let them Jump!

Our goal is to offer indoor bouncing at least once a week on average year round! The events will run from 10am - 8pm and be operated by part time staff members.

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